Camping at the 24 Hour Relay is one of the unique experiences that makes the weekend so special!  Central Park, which surrounds Swangard Stadium, becomes home to all of our participating teams.  From a simple tent and hot dogs on the grill to a 28’ RV with gourmet catering, you will see it all.  But no matter how fancy your team gets, camping at the Relay is the ultimate team building experience!


Team Camping

Camping spots are preassigned to teams before Relay weekend. Campsites will be confirmed by the end of May, so please be sure to register your team for a spot by contacting Mandy by email: or phone at 604-873-1865. 



The top fundraising team from 2013 and event sponsors are granted permission to camp and host hospitality tents inside the Stadium.  Please respect this privilege these teams have earned through their fundraising efforts.


A map will be provided to confirm each team’s camping location.  Teams can set up their campsites on Friday and Saturday within specific time slots: 


11 AM – 8 PM Friday, June 13, 2013

7 AM – 9 AM Saturday, June 14, 2013



1. All late arrivals will have to haul their gear in by foot.  Park gates close at 9am on Saturday morning and are not open until the Relay is finished at 10am Sunday. There are no in and out privileges for vehicles in the camping area during the Relay as it would compromise the safety of the runners.

2. When you arrive to set up your camping area, Relay staff and volunteers are on-site around the clock throughout the weekend to ensure you are in the correct spot.  In the event of discrepancies over spaces or other issues relating to camping, our Camping Coordinator is available to assist throughout the weekend. 

3. Please be aware that while we do our best to ensure a safe camping area, we cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen items.  Unfortunately, theft does occur so please protect your belongings.




Vehicles up to a maximum of 28 feet in length are allowed in team campsites, but please keep in mind that a vehicle that size will significantly cut into your 30’ x 30’ space.  Vehicles must not block access by other teams.  In the event of discrepancies over spaces or other issues related to the Relay camping experience, Camping Coordinator is available to assist throughout the weekend.



Silent generators only please.  Some people do try to catch a few Zzz’s on Relay weekend.


Wood burning fires are NOT allowed in Central Park.  Barbeques and gas burning fire pits are allowed, but please make sure you keep an eye on them as you are responsible for these fires.  Please discard any BBQ briquettes in a safe manner.  Barbeques and propane tanks can NOT be placed on any track, glass or asphalt surfaces.  Please put plywood under any cooking stoves or barbeque.


Dogs are allowed in Central Park provided that all city bylaws are followed.  Dogs must remain on a leash while in the park and owners must clean up after their pets.  Dogs are not allowed within Swangard Stadium.


In keeping with Swangard’s no open-liquor or consumption of alcohol policy, the Relay has adopted and continues to promote a zero tolerance policy for any overly intoxicated individuals especially in the stands. Captains have been asked to report any abusers to the RCMP at their truck in the East parking lot, on the east end of the stadium, or to our Info Tent on the field. Consumption of alcohol should be kept to the entertainment area at the South end of the Stadium and to your team's campsite.

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